Monthly Archives: September 2004

Jakarta was hit by another bomb. This time it’s on the heart of an important business district, Kuningan. It could be felt from around 2 km radius, can be heard from around 15 km, and took around hundred of death and injured victims.

Let’s pray for the victim, whoever they are and whoever did that to them.

This “Terrorists War” had taken victims not in the battlefield, and must be stopped immediately, by the one who uses sophisticated wargears, and by the one who uses cowardice wartactics.

Must be stopped !!


Start as small networking , and start filling your members with idealist college students who had networks with poor people from many different low economy levels, and don’t shout “We’re POLITICAL PARTY!!” from the start. Fill your network with discussions, arts activities, and peaceful demonstrations. When you have many members came from one same area, branch yourself there, tell them : use our name, but try to create your own activity rings. Gather people from all of you branchs periodically. Share results, share failures.
When you have many people from the same area of low economic professions, create legal bodied COOPERATION, one for each of professions. Their role are acting as a collective booking for members, where members gather their money into the cooperations, and the cooperations then act as somekind of representative for them to gain loans from banks.
Then, when you have branches all over the nation, and each branches have cooperations for majority of professions, you can start create your legal bodied Political Party as your network extension to plant your idealism on the legislative.

Can anybody tell me the history of real purpose of formation of “Political Party”? It feels like here in Indonesia, they are:

1. A bunch of businessmen henchmen gather together to make illegal things legal.

2. A bunch of dorks gather under one popular figure trying to gain access to make illegal things legal

3. A combination of both above.

It feels like antibiotic for democracy.

Miss Universe walking on stage with just a g-string attached…well, that’s the hottest news I saw on internet today..other than another terrorist threat in Russia that is terrorist take hostage of the very innocent of people : kids…hah!

Anyway, one thing occured to me : Indonesia’s poor fate has been decided once Soeharto changed Indonesia’s way of developing from self-resource based, cooperation supported to loan based, investment supported growth. This had deviated Indonesia’s people from their agricultural, self-dependant culture to Industrial, industry dependant culture. Instead of developing in farm-consumption-mill-factory growth, Soeharto had changed it to money-factory-product-consumption growth, favoring foreign investor and reducing native workforce to just numbers. He even establish himself as some kind of king, ruling in the same way ancient javanese kings rule : Nothing is given to you unless you obey me…in short : Monarchy disguised in false Democracy. He called it : A way to stabilization.

So, foreign investments added with one order policy created trickling down policy : investment make industry, industry attract worker, industry create market, industry increase consumption.

The worst case has come : Corruption. Money that comes from top is not coming to bottom in full amount, thus increasing the gap of people close to monarch to people work under foreign investment regime.

Aah…I hope Indonesia’s new president realized that foreign investment must be slowed down, and tried to establish Cooperation Based Growth, cause it is the best way to strengthen grass root people’s independent in economy and politic, and thus in the end increase Indonesia’s economy from within, not supported by foreigner like Indonesia has been experiencing…

Hey, o10 people died in the Russia Hostage Tragedy…and it’s over now..well, one sour moment of the world ended…let’s hope other sour moments stop soon..

Aaahh..I have a blog at last…it doesn’t feel like many will come and see this anyway..but this I believe is the most efficient way to show the world how I think and feel about many things…

So people, be ready for my next propechies :

1. The third World War is coming. It begins when Uncle Satan’ Army forces landed on England, East Timor, and Israel.

2. George “Warcriminal” Bush will reign again, thus driving more of his stupid pawns into battlefield in search of an “European Terrorist Cartel”, in a campaign to “Stabilize South East Asian by taking over Indonesia’s turmoil government”, and in a campaign to “Install Freedom into the Obsolote Monarchs of Middle-East”

Don’t believe it? See you in 2010 then.

anyway, check It’s a rude gem being polished into the best ever.