First dip of my ink

Aaahh..I have a blog at last…it doesn’t feel like many will come and see this anyway..but this I believe is the most efficient way to show the world how I think and feel about many things…

So people, be ready for my next propechies :

1. The third World War is coming. It begins when Uncle Satan’ Army forces landed on England, East Timor, and Israel.

2. George “Warcriminal” Bush will reign again, thus driving more of his stupid pawns into battlefield in search of an “European Terrorist Cartel”, in a campaign to “Stabilize South East Asian by taking over Indonesia’s turmoil government”, and in a campaign to “Install Freedom into the Obsolote Monarchs of Middle-East”

Don’t believe it? See you in 2010 then.

anyway, check It’s a rude gem being polished into the best ever.

1 comment
  1. Oh God, this is so nostalgic. I haven’t changed much of my opinions on politic, haven’t I 😀 ?

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