How To Be A Good Political Party, part 1

Start as small networking , and start filling your members with idealist college students who had networks with poor people from many different low economy levels, and don’t shout “We’re POLITICAL PARTY!!” from the start. Fill your network with discussions, arts activities, and peaceful demonstrations. When you have many members came from one same area, branch yourself there, tell them : use our name, but try to create your own activity rings. Gather people from all of you branchs periodically. Share results, share failures.
When you have many people from the same area of low economic professions, create legal bodied COOPERATION, one for each of professions. Their role are acting as a collective booking for members, where members gather their money into the cooperations, and the cooperations then act as somekind of representative for them to gain loans from banks.
Then, when you have branches all over the nation, and each branches have cooperations for majority of professions, you can start create your legal bodied Political Party as your network extension to plant your idealism on the legislative.

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  1. I like this one idea from my past. Anyone care to give me money to actually make this a reality?

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