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The phenomenons of shaum (Moslems’ compulsary fasting) is very interisting. These are some of them :

1. It shows us that humans are susceptible to hunger, made by Allah as part of human’s survival instinct, and also to show humans that they are very dependant to nature, and in the end, Allah

2. When hungry, humans tend to have shorter fuse, but fasting is about holding back angers, together with lusts and the urge to eat. Sow with compulsary hunger alone, Allah has provided humans with means to be stronger when managing stresses.

3. Prolonged hunger combined with rather unchanged daily schedules in then turn anyone who does fasting into a very efficient person.

4. All Devil’s follower are locked up behind dimensional barriers on Romadhon. This one in the end makes someone who realized it can somehow see into himself when he has urge to do something God dislikes. He has to realize that during the month, his urge is purely from himself, and it’s time to train himself not to fallen under inner urge.

5. All the hunger and God’s Testament that any good deeds done during the mont shall be multiplied hundred times in Divine Reward. This one is effective to turn someone who has faith into a philanthropist, sharing the pain that poor people has and in the end try something to ease their pain.

That’s all I can think of at this moment 🙂


That is United States of America, why?

1. The way the select presidency is not Direct Vote, but rather voting for members of parties elected as Electoral College who will decide who is president by another voting.

Indonesians choose their President directly!

2. Some of it’s states put a very human rights infringing law : a citizen sentenced criminal won’t be able to vote forever.

Indonesian inmates vote in Rehabilitation Centres across the nation.

3. United States of America only has 2 prominent political parties (or are they the only one around?).

Indonesia has more than 10 prominent political Parties : PDIP, PGo, PAN, PKS, PKB, PPP, PBR, PBB, PDS, PDKB, and more

4. United States of America let Israel occupy Palestinian lands for decades!

5. United States of America help promoted non-democratic meaning of toppling leaders : Soekarno, Saddam Husein, Aristide.

6. United States of America broke the rule of International Democracy by ignoring nations that voted not to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

7. Need to say more? Claimer usually don’t have the thing!

Back to God is between you and your vein;

So, I think we should realize that if God wants, He’ll take His Aspect off that thin place between you and your mortal shell.

Then instantly, since the only place for a soul in this material world is your mortal shell, and there’s no way that you have access to your mother’s womb (your shell have been uniquely created through the unification of your dad’s sperm and your mother’s egg, and there’s no way it can be reproduced) or the Realm of Unborn Souls (when cast to Earth, you are blacklisted in the realm citizenship list).

Your soul shall be attached automatically to God’s tool to warp you to the Realm of The Waiting Deads (The Barzah).

The Tool is called Israil (Azrael), an Angel (although closer to God, Angels are actually considered lesser than Human, God’s words, not mine).

The actual material form of the Aspect of God that glued a soul and it’s mortal vessel together could be the nervous system.

Man could have it’s transportation system stopped for short time.

Man could have it’s respiration stopped for short time.

Man could have it’s digestion sysem stopped for short time.

Man couldn’t have survived if the nervous system is shut down completely at one time.

Do you really need 20 Trilyun Gigahert computing process? I don’t think so.

I think the steady evolutions of cellular phones and USB Flashcard Storages (with media player pluses) show that it is convergencies and miniaturizations that should govern the IT technology for the next decades, along with more advanced, convenient ways for people to manipulate their IT stuffs. I’m talking about headmounted displays, laser virtual keypads, mousegloves.

I,m hoping that in the next decades, PC would look like what is Card readers today : small boxes with slots in front and back it : one for monitor, one peripherals virtual keymouse, one for video expansion card, one for audio expansion card, one for fixed mass capacity storage card, one for portable mass capacity storage, one for fixed processor.

It shall be a truly plug-n-play pc. And Imagine if it is run with battery akin to Li-Ion battery today…but with much much much much larger capacity and lifetime

Connected to prior posting : If God acts as glue for a soul and it’s material vessel, then it is logical that God knows exactly what everybody’s doing, cause He watches all signals that are sent by souls to their vessels.

And don’t forget, every creation, including drop of water and chunk of rock has their own soul.

God says ” I’m closer to you than your own veins !”

I understand this as having 2 meanings :

1. “You” refers to a human’s soul.

2. Between “you” and “you”‘s physical shell (veins are part of “you”‘s physical shell) is God himself, acting through his blessing as a “glue” between “you” and “you”‘s mortal shell.

Just realized why we need two days as weekend – despite the fact that 6th day is Israelists traditional day of resting and 1st day is the time when Paulinists preach and pray – To kick your butts up on a training in 6th day, and lay yourself wasted in front of television laying on your couch on 1st day.