Cooperation : A bridge from communist to capitalist

Just hit me last night, but I don’t know if it shall hit the rest of the world or not. It is somekind of revelation : Cooperation (or “Koperasi” in Indonesian) is a perfect way to aggregate the power of the capitally marginaled people by put them into a small communisme community.
Hey, don’t snarl on me yet, I know communisme means horror and inhumanity when brought in front of generations that were born during cold war decades, but it has one excellent potential : to accumulate any potential that a poor community has, and then, by using cooperation as some kind of collective body, able to become bankable, able to gain capital, and able to be protected, collectively, from capitalistic exploitation.
Poor community just need to form a cooperation, in which they put any capital they had, run by them, and got a collective capital. The collective capital then used to run some business which is run by all of the cooperative members. The revenues then collected by the cooperation, and the profits are shared to the members as agreed by them. Then the capital can be returned as agreed to any institution that give it.
Every assets of the cooperation are collectively owned, even the human resource assets, so that every members has a collective feelings, thus catalyzed an eagerness to run the cooperation.
Here in Indonesia, small and middle class economic institutions survive, with only less than 10% of them has loan problems.

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