Fat Burning-Agility Gaining-Me :)

Well, I have lost 2 kg ( roughly 4 pounds for imperials) for about a week by half-starving. I think I’m gaining some agility, not to mention some tactical advantages when squeezing through urban transport they call “Electrical Rail Trains” which has been a sardine can of passangers, beggars, shady types, and peddlers that comes with all sort of dubious-in-origin merchandises (imagine this : they sell from your typical beverages to fertilizers!)

Hmm, when I have reached 65 kg (6 kg more, that ,means roughly 3 weeks), I’ll start beefing up myself significantly with some muscles growing excercises.

Speaking of excercises, I have been trying to push-up myself up these days, 15 times perday. I know it sounds insignificants, but it makes me healthier than the average geeks, he he…

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