Time to Shrink It

Do you really need 20 Trilyun Gigahert computing process? I don’t think so.

I think the steady evolutions of cellular phones and USB Flashcard Storages (with media player pluses) show that it is convergencies and miniaturizations that should govern the IT technology for the next decades, along with more advanced, convenient ways for people to manipulate their IT stuffs. I’m talking about headmounted displays, laser virtual keypads, mousegloves.

I,m hoping that in the next decades, PC would look like what is Card readers today : small boxes with slots in front and back it : one for monitor, one peripherals virtual keymouse, one for video expansion card, one for audio expansion card, one for fixed mass capacity storage card, one for portable mass capacity storage, one for fixed processor.

It shall be a truly plug-n-play pc. And Imagine if it is run with battery akin to Li-Ion battery today…but with much much much much larger capacity and lifetime

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  1. And yes, my prediction of the size of PC has mostly come true.

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