Loser of Democracy

That is United States of America, why?

1. The way the select presidency is not Direct Vote, but rather voting for members of parties elected as Electoral College who will decide who is president by another voting.

Indonesians choose their President directly!

2. Some of it’s states put a very human rights infringing law : a citizen sentenced criminal won’t be able to vote forever.

Indonesian inmates vote in Rehabilitation Centres across the nation.

3. United States of America only has 2 prominent political parties (or are they the only one around?).

Indonesia has more than 10 prominent political Parties : PDIP, PGo, PAN, PKS, PKB, PPP, PBR, PBB, PDS, PDKB, and more

4. United States of America let Israel occupy Palestinian lands for decades!

5. United States of America help promoted non-democratic meaning of toppling leaders : Soekarno, Saddam Husein, Aristide.

6. United States of America broke the rule of International Democracy by ignoring nations that voted not to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

7. Need to say more? Claimer usually don’t have the thing!


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