The phenomenons of shaum (Moslems’ compulsary fasting) is very interisting. These are some of them :

1. It shows us that humans are susceptible to hunger, made by Allah as part of human’s survival instinct, and also to show humans that they are very dependant to nature, and in the end, Allah

2. When hungry, humans tend to have shorter fuse, but fasting is about holding back angers, together with lusts and the urge to eat. Sow with compulsary hunger alone, Allah has provided humans with means to be stronger when managing stresses.

3. Prolonged hunger combined with rather unchanged daily schedules in then turn anyone who does fasting into a very efficient person.

4. All Devil’s follower are locked up behind dimensional barriers on Romadhon. This one in the end makes someone who realized it can somehow see into himself when he has urge to do something God dislikes. He has to realize that during the month, his urge is purely from himself, and it’s time to train himself not to fallen under inner urge.

5. All the hunger and God’s Testament that any good deeds done during the mont shall be multiplied hundred times in Divine Reward. This one is effective to turn someone who has faith into a philanthropist, sharing the pain that poor people has and in the end try something to ease their pain.

That’s all I can think of at this moment 🙂

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  1. Hey look, my old opinion on Shaum (fasting) !

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