Living in A Thriller

I don’t know which is true : novel writers are smart people who inspire others to do what they writes, or they write based on what others do. Maybe both are true.

Indonesia’s prominent Civil Rights Warrior, Munir, who died about 40 days ago, was found to had been poisoned using an Arsen compound. It doesn’t feel like just reading an online news site, but reading a thriller novel too.

A warrior of human rights, humble he was during his life, putting that humble life in the front line of the human rights fights died poisoned during his travel to Den Haag.

The facts quickly linked, in my mind, to the recently passing of Yasser Arafat. Could Arafat be poisoned too? With slow, undetectable poison that put the man into comma and finally died (naturally or medically forced to die), while the men in the team of doctors that took care of him are the Zionists culprits?

Only God and the culprits know.

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