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A view of Jakarta taken from a 31st floor of a building. By the way, the building I was on don’t have floor #4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 54.


Our tongue has specific areas for specific taste. Bitter tastes are tasted on the rearest area of our tongue, close to the throat. The reason why God decides to give us bitter senses nerve on the end of our tongue is His secret knowledge.
But it is our nature as human to questions and to conclude things based on our knowledges and experiences of things.
And the simplest of reasons -that comes from my own deduction- of why God put bitter senses on the rearest end of our tongue is so that we taste bitterness last.Imagine if you eat something that has a mix of sweet and bitter taste, some chocolates for example. If you taste the bitter taste first, due to the nature of human to despise bitter taste, you’ll likely to spit the thing out, and you’ll be unable to taste the delicacy of a chocolate (or any bitter-sweet mix). So it’s a very blissful decision for us that God has design our tongues to be like so.It could also be some kind of a philosophical warning : sweet thing sometimes tasted first, and when they ends, bitterness comes. When things come to us in avalanche of sweetness, it is time for us to be aware of to prepare for the coming of bitterness. So when bitterness come, regrets don’t come too much.And when bitterness is tasted, the way to purge it out tends to be painful.

I have written about many wonderful things that has USB ports on them. And I have written that one of the cool things is the USB LED Light (or so I’ve called : USB Lighting Rod). It’s a flexible, rather thin rod with segmented (very centipede like) outer metallic shell and a tubular end that is a LED light.

One of it’s pluses is its flexibity. You can twist it freely, allow you direct the LED end into any direction you want. It’s also very easy to setup : just plug it into one powered USB ports, and the LED light shines.

But it also has noticeable flaws : it’s not bright enough, and it sometimes gives electrostatic shock due to it’s metallic shell.

In a totally dark room, It can only cast a rather dim white light that illuminates only half of a keyboard. You can still use as a simple reading light though, but not in a totally dark room, but maybe when the room’s lighting is above your head and your own shadow is cast onto the book, reducing readability.

I won’t recommed buying any unless you can try it out first and see how bright the LED light is.

Next up, The USB Fly-Fan! (But I have to buy it first though)

I have an asthma in me. Well, having an illness like asthma is like having an AIDS : It shall be with you till death due you apart. But different to AIDS, Asthma is not getting worse everyday, but it will get worse in a particular day.

And that particular day is just like 3 days ago, when stresses had been piling up and I slept at midnight. My body, weak by the days of lazying around for 9 months and battered by the merciless cold blown by the senseless air conditioner, finally arrived at a breaking point. And that breaking point is the exact time when Asthma in me rose.

My left lung was suddenly filled by mucus. My breathing muscles had to work hard. My mind goes fogged.
I  <b>hate</b> it when I had Asthma. Besides not being able to breath easily, it’s just annoying to have a feeling of something thick and sticky plugging my lung. Pushing my every motoric muscles to try to purge the mucus only makes the breathing agony got worse. Not to mention the only thing that seems able to purge the thing was some autonomous, painful coughing that cam anytime it choose to come, even during my sleep.

Breathing agony, annoying mucus, impolite obligatory coughing. I simply hate asthma.
Bless people who invented mucolitic.

George W. Bush, only days after given his second “permit” by his “fellows in faith” to reign thus given allowance to crush pan-asia-ominous-oil-line-potential civilizations (Balkans-Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran) is signing out omens that he shall crush Iran.

Iran’s sin? Nuclear technology ownership.

Why? ‘Cause they are not “Friends” and most obviously, Iran has potential sites for Oil exploitation.

Oil itself is enough reason for Oil Greed Bush and Contract Hungry Cheney.

Take a look at North Korea. They are obviously threatening the world with nuclear, and America’s reaction? Discussion.

Take a look at Iraq. They have only “signs of Ownership of Weapon of Mass Destruction”. America’s reaction? Conquer and Uproot their culture.

Why these different reactions? Money. As simple as that.

No, I’m not a money hater. If I am, why do I put ads about becoming millionaire on the sidebar? My religion doesn’t shun worldly profits, but where the money from and where it goes, that’s where Islam plays definitive role. See the sidebar for more.

Money? Okay, let’s think.

North Korea is close to China, a HUGE!!! market American yet to conquer. Putting their oppresive forces near them would be a jeopardy for USA’s plan to dominate China’s market. Not to mention that they are losing China to European Union.

Iraq is the owner of second largest oil deposit in the world. So it’s instinctive for the Greedy Texan to try to conquer it. Adding insult to injury is his choice of deputy : ex-chairman of some oil service contractor.

you know what, God said jewish is the chosen. They are the most intelligent family on earth. But He also told us that a jewish believes that their intelligent is bigger than God. They’ve killed every Messengers of God that has come to them. Putting lies to cover things up and telling people to support them or be marked evil have been running on American’s Way for ages, so they have been an expert in finding reasons to invade any nation.

Now, things are looking hot for Iran.

Here and hereare some starter.

Here, Here are the typical days of people under America’s tyranny.

Here‘s an example how Americans economy is slave for greed.

Lady Arabicide.

I live in a house which is located not far from a river. The river itself is a small one, only approximately 6 meters wide (around 18 feet). It is not a beautiful, crystal clear, fish dwelled, animal nesting river. It is a muddy, greenish brown, poison carrying river. I am lucky that I live far from the city center, where the river turns black, foamy, and smells of sulphur. I am glad that the vegetation that grows along the riverbed near my house is still somewhat flourished.

But I’m not lucky enough to avoid having my backyard flooded when it’s raining heavily for 2 days consecutively, like I’ve had yesterday.

It’s both an exciting and scary experience, watching water creeping forward, inched by inches, closer to my home. Exciting because it’s a somewhat thrilling experience, a close encounter with a rare and dangerous kind.  And it’s the danger that scared me. I’m scared to the flood mostly because indirect knowledge. Grim experiences felt by people who had had flood before, told by news or directly said to me.

Having flood invades your home means addition of things useless and substraction of things useful. Well, mud is somehow useful for fertilizing unfertile ground, but when it sticks to the walls of your home, they won’t be pretty walls. Not to mention significant unwanted addition of soft and disgusting thickness that gets piled up on your floor. And when the black-brown invader took over your home appliances, you know your living values have been unvoluntarily substracted.

Not to mention you’ll be lacking the means to clean up yourself and your home.
But Thanks God, It’s never been happened to my home. Hopefully the city government will do better than today to make sure that everyone’s homes in the city are safe from the menacing invasion of the home splasher.