Cramped part I

Aah..the daily living of a commuting salaryman.

Me, wake up at night only to sense the chillness of air and the almost zero dB ambient and to instinctly searching frantically for my cellphone , a Siemens M65, which run a digital clock screensaver. It reads 2.35 a.m.

Time to get back to sleep.

4.30 a.m, the same Siemens M65 burst out with a Lone Rangers theme ringtone. 10 minutes earlier then atomic standard time, I wake up again.

With eyes in pain, half motoric and half automatic, I search a power button on my AMD Athlon XP controlled, Elsa R960 Radeon 9600 powered, 512 MB DDR2700 Visipro augmented, 40 GB supported, sleek PC with Abit NF7 as it’s base of operation and a Soundblaster Audigy 5.1 LE that compose tunes which I hear 3 minutes after I am able to move the cursor, hit Opera 7.5 and WinAmp in consecutive orders.

I read the e-mails, I read the Anandtech + BBC + CNET + Mobile Burn + PCmag newsfeeds, I read,,, and Yahoo.

Cramped fresh informations.

All cramped in 5 minutes. Feels like a surge. A surge needed to fully awake my brain.

It’s 4.45 a.m. I grab my pants, my GT-man briefs, my white t-shirt, my lanyard attached Siemens M65 and it’s hitachi case (start wondering !!) , my polo bag which’s colours match my Siemens M65, My Creative MuVo Slim 256, my Siemens DCA-510 data cable, my work shirt, my socks, my jackets, and my braunbuffel belt my dad gave me. All cramped in two hands and a shoulder.

After tossed everything on a living room chair, I grab a glass from the kitchen, pour a water from a dispenser, drink, grab a plate, pick a dishful of rice, pick any additional protein sources available, and enjoy my breakfast.

5.00 a.m. Voice of America is on. 5.10, I grab my clothes and towel and my Siemens M65, open the bathroom door, close the bathroom doors, hang the clothes, undress, hang the used clothes, and sit on the toilet.

I play tetris on my Siemens M65 while unloading.

5.15. I quit the tetris and put my Siemens M65 on the toiletries rack and start spraying myself with fresh, morning water. After soaping myself with a Dettol liquid soap stored on a Dettol liquid soap bottle (hey, it was Biore for Man before it, and before Biore was Lux for Delicate Skin..or so I remember it that way), I dry myself and my Siemens M65, got clothed, and out of the bathroom.

5.25 I put on my work shirt, my braunbuffel belt, and my socks. Hunt my Toshiba fridge for a dose of Yakult, drink it, hunt the medicine spot for a dose of Ester-C,eat it, hunt a haircomb, get combed, put on my jacket, hunt my shoes, put them on, say goodbye to everyone, and off I go.

It is 5.45. After some activities cramped in very short time my muscles got warmed and warmed more by the morning sun.

Time to start walking.


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