People who has seen my blogsite before today could see changes. Before was just a blog with all the standards feature that are given by the blogprovider, now the blogsite has GoogleAd, small Blogexplosion referral banners, and a RSS newsfeed.

Why the change?

I’ve known Internet since my 2nd High School year, mostly for browsing. And I’ve grown since then, not in a big sense kind of growth, but slowly. After browsing comes e-mail, free e-mail servers that is. And then comes search engines.

It’s Instant web-sites creators appearance that changes the way I know Internet. I made some sites, I learn to search free site-servers, I learn to upload my sites, I learn to recheck them.

In 2004, I met Opera 7.5 with it’s useful e-mail application and Newsfeeds reader, and multimedia loading toggle. My Internet activity becomes more efficient, no longer I need to open web-based e-mails, news sites, or unnecessary images and flash animations.

Revolution of my internet life was BlogSpot. I learn how to use it, and was satisfied. I can pour everything on my mind, every ideas, opinions, critics, suggestions, links, pictures, e.t.c without disturbing any bulletin board or forums. It’s a neutral ground.

And then comes economic needs and internet economics. Free things abound, just copy paste everythings and you’re part of the new economics.

So I tried Google AdSense, got confused at first but it then works. Not to long before I understand how to paste the codes into my blog templates. I don’t know whether it will make money, but the potency is there.

After that BlogExplosion came with it’s promise of routing traffics into my blogsite. Then I thought : BlogExplosion x AdSense = Big Potency. So I copy the referral codes, and paste it into my blogsite.

One last advertorial thing slapped into was NoBSZone referral banner.

And finally, to give a slight expanding factor, I use newsfeed link provided by feedburner.

The neutral ground is no longer neutral. It smells of money. I have to try the potencies. I’m evolving. Hopefully not into Path of Greed.


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