Creative Nomad Muvo Slim 256 user ‘s indepth review

Creative is one of the pioneer of PC level digital audio add-on cards manufacturer. And now it’s one of the premier name in PC level audio gadgets : soundcards, speakers, headphones, external soundcards, and MP3 players.
Some of its MP3 players are small, flash based players that come in many form factors, but are small enough to fit in anyone’s pocket. And the term pocketable is downright true with Nomad Muvo Slim 256. As the name suggests, the thing is very slim. It has the length and width of standard namecards and still acceptable thin (about as thick as 5 cards stacked). This makes Muvo Slim the perfect fit for a pocket. And with it’s classy leather case, you’ll add more style to it’s already elegance slim design.
Since this is audio player we’re talking about, let’s now discuss about the audio quality that comes from it. The supplied earphones produce sounds that come neat and almost perfect. Audio ranges (treble, mid, and bass) are separated nicely. The sounds that come puts me in a good virtual concert hall. When use it while walking, it feels like having a concert that follows me with every steps I take. Of course, this audio quality depends on the quality of formats you choose to store your MP3’s and WMA’s files inside it’s capacious 256 flash memory. But with 64 bits 44100 kHz audio quality, I still won’t have much to complaint about.
Talking about the flash memory, it’s capable to act as USB flash disk. Plugging the supplied cable into a USB port and then plugging the mini-USB connector of my Muvo Slim into the mini-USB slot that’s available on it’s side able me to access the player as a USB flash disk. This capability is quite handy when my 512 mb flash disk is not enough to store files that I need to transport from any USB ports equipped PC to my home PC.
If you’re bored with your audio collection, you can switch to the built-in FM radio player with its auto presets capability. Just press the detect button, and you have dozens of stations to choose from.
And if I am on a meeting and need to record it, I just have to free some megabytes and turn on the wav recording capability. The result sounds like a sound that comes from an old radio, but it’s adequate, considering the things small size.
So far, the thing looks like a perfect gadget to accompany your commuting, but there’s one flaw that is very annoying. It’s the volume control mechanisme. Instead of using a rocker, it’s separated into two buttons, each to raise and lower the volume. And they are placed on the top side of the player, right where the leather case’s flap’s hinge are. I have to uncover the case everytime I need to change the volume level, which I’ve found to be very annoying.
But the control mechanism itself is good and intuitive. You got shuffling options, equalizer options, FM player switching, and Audio recording switching. The blue LED lighted display is small, but it has enough space to display necessary informations.
And having been using the thing for about 6 weeks, I can only say that this little gadget is perfect for my commuting life. I spend up 3 hours a day commuting, so this little guy battery capacity of almost 10 hours is very helpful.
In the end, I can tell you that this little guy is a very good audio player. It produces good quality sounds with the supplied earphones, it has FM radio player, sounds recording capability, and it’s size is very slim making it very pocketable.
So, if you’re a commuting person like me and not using your own car to and from your office, buy this thing. It’ll ease that lonely trek from home to office and vice versa.
Have a nice Muvo Experience!!


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