It is a fortunate things in live that I am able to use Opera 7.5 web browser. This powerful browser has integrated e-mail and newsfeed reader.

After I learned about RSS that appears on many sites that provide news, I don’t waste time : I started looking for the sites which I visit most and searched the RSS links. On some I found and click it, making Opera add it to my list of newsfeeds.

And it is fortunate that by using this methode, I am able to read dozens of headlines everyday, from news sites to IT sites. And today I am fed a three striking news : Dinosaurs was eaten by mammals, Abubakar Ba’asyir was targeted for retrieval by CIA (told by a former US interpreter), and US has stopped search for Iraq’s Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Read them here, here, and here!

Well now, Dinosaurs being eaten by mammals is one reason why they are extinct, aside from the unability to sustain their own weights in a sudden global climate changes.

USA stopped to search for WMD is truly a news, since the main official reason why they and their chronies invade Iraq was to search for Weapon of Mass Destructions. I think so far they’ve found Weapons of Mass Destruction in forms of insurgents and rebels who had took thousands of victims, both from US and Iraqi forces. I think their obsession to own Iraq’s oil deposits is taking toll in the form of their own soldiers and everyone who serve them. Small numbers of Iraqis have been able to put fear into the hearts of many soldiers, much like small mammals have done it to the gigantic dinasours.

Other lies that they are trying to force people to believe is Ba’asyir’s sins in many bombings. The trials that have been going to prosecute the man have slowly turned into a theatrical joke, with witnesses put to testify by prosecutors are downright liars or illogical thinkers who have no straight, fulfilling answers, and judges have shown that they are siding with the prosecutors.

I wish europe had never started World Wars so that Uncle Satan’s Army wouldn’t this powerful.

Here is a link that shows that USA has been raising Weapon of Mass Destruction in the form of A Nation


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