Office Kills The Inspiration?

After working for about a month for an oil company, I have to come to a realization that I have been having a lack of inspiration I used to have everyday during my unemployed days.

I have became aware that seeing, reading, watching, and thinking about every interisting things that came to me during my unemployed days had brought in the philosophical inspirations.

And have nothing else to do, I started to write down the flux of thoughts down. First in mailing lists, then in forums, and finally a day come when I started Blogging.

Ah, the day of inciting flames in mailing lists. I had became a proud persons back then, able to heat up discussions and beat up every arguments that had came to defeat my thoughts.

But I then cool off, my choice. It’s better to heat up discussions slowly, so that more and more people are able to join the discussion willingly. Flaming up a mailing lists turned out to be an effective way to turn people off the mailing lists.

The same is for forums.
But I now I write everything down in this blog. A neutral ground. People are free to come as they choose, read as much as they want, and put comments the way they like it.

I think the inspirations are coming back now. I hope not in high gear, cause I don’t have as much as free time as I used to.

Please keep coming to my blog. Hopefully the things that inspire me can inspire you too.

  1. Ryonce said:

    dude i so know what you mean thats why i have yet to conform and get a job…i love writing entirly to much and i have made that not my job but a enjoyable obligation…i feel so bad for you dude…maybe you need some peyote or somthing for am glad that your muse is coming back maybe she was affraid of getting dirty near all the oil…or maybe she was just lazy

  2. That’s a hard thing for me see we’re here in Indonesia are hard to live by writing alone…considering there’s no living fund for an unemployment…So I’ve decided to make writing some kind of hobby…and starting with this blog and adsense, I hope this hobby could bring in some cash, although tiny..And I don’t use drugs. It’s sinful and illegal.

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