Tyrant of Democrazy

George W. Bush, only days after given his second “permit” by his “fellows in faith” to reign thus given allowance to crush pan-asia-ominous-oil-line-potential civilizations (Balkans-Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran) is signing out omens that he shall crush Iran.

Iran’s sin? Nuclear technology ownership.

Why? ‘Cause they are not “Friends” and most obviously, Iran has potential sites for Oil exploitation.

Oil itself is enough reason for Oil Greed Bush and Contract Hungry Cheney.

Take a look at North Korea. They are obviously threatening the world with nuclear, and America’s reaction? Discussion.

Take a look at Iraq. They have only “signs of Ownership of Weapon of Mass Destruction”. America’s reaction? Conquer and Uproot their culture.

Why these different reactions? Money. As simple as that.

No, I’m not a money hater. If I am, why do I put ads about becoming millionaire on the sidebar? My religion doesn’t shun worldly profits, but where the money from and where it goes, that’s where Islam plays definitive role. See the sidebar for more.

Money? Okay, let’s think.

North Korea is close to China, a HUGE!!! market American yet to conquer. Putting their oppresive forces near them would be a jeopardy for USA’s plan to dominate China’s market. Not to mention that they are losing China to European Union.

Iraq is the owner of second largest oil deposit in the world. So it’s instinctive for the Greedy Texan to try to conquer it. Adding insult to injury is his choice of deputy : ex-chairman of some oil service contractor.

you know what, God said jewish is the chosen. They are the most intelligent family on earth. But He also told us that a jewish believes that their intelligent is bigger than God. They’ve killed every Messengers of God that has come to them. Putting lies to cover things up and telling people to support them or be marked evil have been running on American’s Way for ages, so they have been an expert in finding reasons to invade any nation.

Now, things are looking hot for Iran.

Here and hereare some starter.

Here, Here are the typical days of people under America’s tyranny.

Here‘s an example how Americans economy is slave for greed.

Lady Arabicide.


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