USB LED Light – User’s Indepth Review

I have written about many wonderful things that has USB ports on them. And I have written that one of the cool things is the USB LED Light (or so I’ve called : USB Lighting Rod). It’s a flexible, rather thin rod with segmented (very centipede like) outer metallic shell and a tubular end that is a LED light.

One of it’s pluses is its flexibity. You can twist it freely, allow you direct the LED end into any direction you want. It’s also very easy to setup : just plug it into one powered USB ports, and the LED light shines.

But it also has noticeable flaws : it’s not bright enough, and it sometimes gives electrostatic shock due to it’s metallic shell.

In a totally dark room, It can only cast a rather dim white light that illuminates only half of a keyboard. You can still use as a simple reading light though, but not in a totally dark room, but maybe when the room’s lighting is above your head and your own shadow is cast onto the book, reducing readability.

I won’t recommed buying any unless you can try it out first and see how bright the LED light is.

Next up, The USB Fly-Fan! (But I have to buy it first though)


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