Monthly Archives: February 2005

Yay, the third payday of my life 😀
The sudden rush of wealth that appears every payday seems to be uncontrollable.
And I have use it so proverbially : Easy Come, Easy Go.

Time to reactivate that Money Traffic List again.


There are a lot of dirt coming to my office. Well, basically that’s because oil producers have many companies attached to them symbiotically, but some companies act toward parasitism more then mutualisme.
I haven’t touched by them though, mostly because I’m a done-the-rest-of-the-works engineer.

I just realized that it is VERY TRUE that the only reason George W. Bush wishes to invade Iran is because the oil.
Iran has many oil reserves, and it’s trying to switch to nuclear energy to generate power, which means less oil consumed, which means could be bad for oil business.
That’s why the invasion has several goals : to occupy Iran oil reserves, to stop Iran from using nuclear energy, and to pacify US-influenced neighbours of Iran.

That wretched spawn of devil ISP is still out-of-sync. Despite my routine call to the customer service, it’s still tough as brick to log in. And I got a feeling that my call is their cue to force-sync my connection.


Plaza Semanggi Food Court, Daytime

Mall in Jakarta has been built by developers as if they are building houses.
And in every mall, there is a foodcourt somewhere, mostly on the toppest level. And this is one view of “Plaza Semanggi”, the closest and the easiest mall to reach from my office. This picture was taken when I was bored of having lunch on the same cafetaria everyday, and decided to escape the routine and went to the mall, seeking Goiza.

Gosh, what a man can do if he gets bored…