Boredom Walk Off

I’m a walking type of man, that’s how I gain my regular exercise. I walk for about a 3 quarters a hour a day during my highschool years. And then I walk for about 2 hours a day during my college years. When I’m out of colleges, I walk around inside and outside my home and doing some staircase sprint for about 1 hour a day.

The walking is gradually decreasing when I’m put in office. If I can walk for 20 minutes a day during these office days, I’ll call it special.

My job is engineering. I work with data collecting and manipulating, some words processing, some spreadsheet processing, drafting, drawing charts, calculating, and all kind of stuff done in front of computer. And we all know that working in front of computer means relatively static position, sitting.

And everyone around me has this funny joke about my belly, saying “how many months?”, “who’s the father?”, “Wow, you’re getting prominent, lower-partly…”.

This whole static sitting things has somehow disrupt my nervous system that keeps on waiting for me to move my walking muscles. There’s time when I got bored with my desk, and I walk off it into my colleague’s. But that’s not enough.

Till I finally decided to do “What the heck, I’ll walk out!”. So I walk out of office, hit the elevator caller “down, please!” button, and got a 30 levels decrease.

By the way, I think my ear interior will have some suffering soon because of the wild falling acceleration of the elevator.

And then I walked out of the chill-filled-blood-freezing building, into the open air, basking in the sun, walking. I simply went into the next building, about 10 minutes of walking down the pedestrian, and entered the building, walk to the atm, about another 2 minutes of walking, do the-atm-things, and then walk out. I walked out of the building from it’s rear entry, which if I use it, there’ll be 10 minutes of walking before I arrive into my office’s building. I enjoyed the warm sun, the warm pedestrian atmosfer, and the hot, smart dressed, beautiful babes that I got chance to walk pass by.

And when I finally arrive to my building, I got a feeling of some kind refreshed body and soul.

I have found myself one antidote for my own’s office boredom.

A pretty lass told me to go to the men’s room and stare at the mirror. I got narcistic when doing that, so I decided to do other things instead.


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