Back To Exercise

I was a man better in term of muscular straining exercises when I was a high school student. I did long walk every day. I clinked on a speeding bus door frame everyday. I clinked on two fingers and a toe on an unclosed hydraulic door frame of a overloaded speeding mass rapid transport everyday. I did soccer game, although not regularly. The train thing was the hardest strain on my muscles I got adapted to during those days.

Back In the college years, the only regular exercise I got is walking to and from and around campus. I had played soccer, but not as much as I did on high school years. I also do Kent, but that was for only about 4 months or so.

As you can see, I was very not a sportsman.

Things got worse, as I’ve said in previous posts, that after my college graduation I got less and less exercise. I mostly stay at home in front of computers or TV or dinner table. I was getting more and more lazier.

My bodily frugality hit me hard when I became a man of the office. I couldn’t barely keep my head up after 2 paw, the Air Cooler was a killer, and the long commuting to and from was adding insult to injury.

A month after working, asthma caught in, creeping mercilessly from day to day, It finally broke out and chained me to bed.

A month later, now, I feel much I’ve much more adapted. I think that’s because I have been having my old muscles straining activities back. I hang on bus door frames again, I walk long, aimlessly, everyday during restores, I shuttle back and forth fro m my colleague’s corner, and I’ve been weightlifting again.

poor dumbbells, your dust is so thick….

Now the air conditioner feels tamed (other than the fact that I’ve made a little “adjustment” to the office air conditioning system), I can survive officer’s, and I can sleep for less duration in weekdays.

I swear that I’ll increase my exercise portions, gradually.

Now this whole affair put other question on my mind : how on earth can a man of the office stay fit, able to exercise regularly, and still able to perform his day-to-day job?

The answer I need to search for myself, for the benefit of it is for me to feel.

anyway, I adjust the air conditioning system by switching off the blowers for a secretary’s area, and sealed off my above-head blower with a sealing band. I think I’ll switch off my boss area’s blowers, If my guts have become stronger.


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