Under Contract

An under-contract, a young permanent, and me had a rather interesting talk this evening.
She had became unsettled about how employees are…well, employed at my office.
She herself has been under contract since December 2003, that means a year. She apparently had asked a new employee, positioned at legal departement, whether her contract is Temporary Contract or Under Outsourcing. The legal girl said Temporary Contract. That’s how she became unsettled. You see, Under Outsourcing means you’re not working under the company, but rather the Cooperation of the company’s employees. It can be said that you’re a rented item to the company where your duties are done. She had been working on her office for more than a year, and still yet her boss doesn’t see her fit to be recruited into the company. She felt like she shall be a rented item forever, and she got upset about it. She works in a support departement, which’s workers are put under order from the head of the division where any worker is put into. Mine is a sowehow “businees’s core” division, and she works under management of the division, but not part of the division.
We’re both not, officially, part of the company. I am, myself, if seen from this blog perspective, is a rented item. We’re both under contract of the Employee’s Cooperations which supply rented workers to divisions.
The discussions begin with : why a worker of a core business division be put under “rented status” ?
The young permanent said that every division manager has their own policies. My division manager apparently has no intention to make me, a fresh graduate, a part of the company yet, because I still need time to mature, and the division still needs to polish me here and there. I can accept that logic. As far as I can understand, I’m now being paid to learn things, which makes me a happy man. I got new knowledge, I got money of my own, and I got to see some hot, smart dressed chicks of the building every office day…you got the point, right?
Now, the undercontract has been, well, undercontract since december 2003. The division manager has no intention to make her a permanent employee, plus, according to her story, the manager has no intention to understand the scope of her job, which is beyond the manager’s expertise of area. She intends not to extent her contract. The division of her origin is slowly turning into an outsourcing company, different from the company she works now. That makes thing more complicated for her, and she had enough of things, so she said she’ll quit when her contract ends.
Just few days ago, a senior employee is put his contract to end. The fact that his desk has not been cleaned up and cleared of his insignia made me think : If my contract reaches its end, will my cubicle be cleaned up and made as if I haven’t been there before?
This contract things put things on my seems growing-day-by-day brain capacity. I’m young, I’m smart, I’m tough, and I need to learn the world.
I need to be ready.


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