Jakarta in Pictures : A Highway Crash

There was a rather terrible accident happened on a highway just across my office. Below are the pictures related to the accident taken from the height of my office.

This is the view of the aftermath of the crash. Look at the circled part carefully.

There are trailer blocking the highway, a truck got banged out of track, and crates got trashed on the highway.

The Crash

And this is the view of the traffic caused by the accident. It goes for miles and miles and miles and miles! Making a city full of traffic jam, jammed!

The Crash Jam

And this is the traffic taken from closer look, 2 hours later!

The Crash : 2 hours later

Boy, it sure was an experience you’d never want to have. The traffic goes for hours.

Fortunately, I was only 20 minutes late from the average time when I got home. The traffic only hits the main, golden routes.

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