Preachers : Influences

Every civilizations, every religions must have persons whose role is to preach, to guide in ways of spiritual matters. Their role is sometimes to act as reference, as guidance. But not rarely, they become leaders or controllers of the people under them.
Preachers, no matter what level of responsibility they must undergo, must have a certain level of ability to speak the matters they address to people. This ability is the core of their role, the basic by which their listeners or followers decide to agree with him or not. And with this ability, they influence their followers. With higher level of speaking ability, Preachers are able to manipulate those who listens to them. Seeing this ability, it is an obligation to preachers to has a strict way of logic that is very adhered to the teaching they give their followers.
In cultures where preachers is regarded highly or referred as leaders, their ability to influence and manipulate their followers has often proven to be dangerous. In Europe, during the Dark Ages, Catholic churches had became dominant forces. Their ability to put many royalties of Europe under their influences had been proven not a good thing. Under the name of trinity and all false logics that follows, and on the basis of unquestionable dogma, the preachers teach that they are the representative of God, and all kingdoms that has accepted the Dogma must listen to them, or be sentenced with perils. In many parts of Dark Ages Europe, monarchy governments are nothing but vessels for a ruthless theocracy. At first, monarch was strong and people followed them. But when preachers had their ways, people followed the church’s, thus making the position of monarchy families weak. They have no choice but to ally more with churches to maintain their a good ruling image in people’s eyes. Highly regarded positions had been proven to be poisonous to theocracies. Soon, the attaching monarchs influenced them, making them arrogant and merciless. Under the name of god, and using kings authoritative powers, it had not been rare that forms of culling of “heretic activities” occurred. During this merging of monarch and theocracy, a phrase “God Chosen King” was born. “God Chosen King” is nothing but theocracy’s will to use monarch as tools to maintain their own high position. They gave monarch a “Divine Authorization” to rule, hoping that the monarch think their powers were given by god through the churches, and thus obey the churches.
The epitome of this theocracy-monarch symbiosis was the culling of Andalusia. Monarchs allied under the influence of decreases drive the corrupted high-civilization of Islam of Andalusia down. During this era, the ruthless inquisition, the most advanced form of theocracy’s arrogance was born. But right after this era, Renaissance was born, and the power of churches to influence monarchs has been slowly, but surely, diminishing in Europe. Monarchs themselves are one by one going down.
That was Europe under the influence of preachers.
In many parts of the world, monarch civilizations listened to preachers. And analogous to the European examples. Monarch-theocracy symbiosis formed. The Son of Heaven in China, The Offspring of Venus in Rome, The Mahabharata (a tale, but it’s contains many references to historical things of India under Hindu). Preachers gave the divinely authorities to a family to rule, secured their own positions, and using the monarchs to maintain their teachings, and all privileges that were given to themselves that fit to their teachings.
It seems that the influence of preachers are the main reasons of wars that has come before and after modern era.
more of it later.


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