A Mixture Hell and Heaven

Internet. A Mixture of heaven and hell, you ask? Yes, ma’am, it is.
When I had my first contact with internet, it is a blessing; an enlightment; a path that looks so clear and very reassuring. Pictures come to me by the command of my fingers. School projects were easier to be completed because the data is there to pick. That lady across the sea was getting closer everyday through e-mails and chats. Games are a lot easier due to the free walkthroughs that the internet provides. Even money can be saved because I don’t have to buy newspapers. When you thread the internet to fulfill your basic, informational needs, internet is a heaven.
But if you turn greedy or be careless and don’t watch your step…internet will suddenly turn into an encroaching hell with devil spawns in form of virus, worms, spams, spywares, ad-wares, hijackings, phishings, and so much more.
These days, relying on web browser to navigate the web and antivirus to keep viruses and worms at bay is not enough. You need to have anti-spyware set to block spyware or other malicious codes that is trying to plant themselves into your PC. You also might need firewalls. In the future, there’ll be plenty of other new forms of threat from internet, and you need to install new forms of anti-threats.
Internet is a mixture of heaven and hell, with the portion of hell becoming more and more significant then heaven’s


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