Gundam Astray Models !

I encountered Gundam modelling kit when I was at 3rd year on senior highschool. A friend brought his 1/144 scale Gundam….man I forgot….but I think it was from Gundam Wing. I got excited when I saw it! Robots has been a part of my childhood, and somehow the idea of assembling a robot seems very attractive to me.

So, during these years, I have bought many 1/144 scale models : Gundam Airmaster, Gundam Leopard, Gundam Virsago Chestbreak, Gundam X Divider, Gundam Epyon, Wing Gundam Zero, Gundam Aesculapius (is it? I forgot the name..and). Then a friend bought me a 1/144 scale RX78GP01 Gundam Zephyrantes. It was a High Grade model, and very poseable if compared to other 1/144 models. All of the 1/144 models are ruined, victims from abuse from small villains called cousins…boy how you have to not let your plastic models away from you for a loooooong time, like leaving them at home while you’re taking college on other city.

My mother visited me once, and she brought me all of my ruined plastic models…saying that my smaller cousins had touched them, and their cursed touch changed all of them into some beasty looking, deformed plastic models…
So I started collecting again. I bought 2 1/100 scale models : GM Quell and Zeta Gundam. Both are now damaged because of my dormitory lifestyles and the fact that my room doesn’t have enough place to display them properly…they keep falling down. But they are now stay alive albeit a few missing parts…damn.

It’s 2005, and I have my own income. I thought, it’s high time to start collecting Gundam Plastic Models again. And so I have been doing it. For the past 2 months, I have bought 2 1/144 scale models from Gundam Seed (VERY COOL ANIME) series : Gundam Astray Red Frame and Gundam Astray Blue Frame.

And here they are :

Gundam Astray Red Frame

Gundam Astray Blue Frame

Both are now attached to the top of my monitor, giving me double portion of reasons to make my hands busy when I have nothing else to do 😀

Planning to buy that Strike Rouge I.W.S.P and CGUE D.E.E.P ARMS…they are both overarmed type models, and looks so COOL!!
And then that complex Freedom Gundam + M.E.T.EOR, and finally the ultimate : 1/60 STRIKE GUNDAM WEAPON SYSTEMS!
But those last two will cost me half of my monthly earning each….so expensive…
So why don’t you click the Adsense and help me raising fund for myseld so I can buy those things, he he he 😀


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