Contention : A Trap

Some people are content with the way they are. Many of them has found that their lives works. Some of them has invested their times to adapt to their lives. Few of them dares to break the everyday circle of their live.
Some people said they have opinions. They have found that their opinions are backed up by facts. This makes them content. They seems to make an offense when their opinions are questioned, or when they feel they are obliged to launch one; but what they really do is defending their own and trying to make their lives undisturbed.
Some people followed a leader, a proven leader. A leader that makes their lives stable and content. Soeharto was a leader that makes people’s live stable. George W. Bush is a leader who makes his people’s minds content. Few of them are enlightened, that the contention is merely a balanced flow of isothermic and endothermic reactions. It seems nothing have changed. In truth, changes happen, but they have been facing an inert state of content minds that keep reversing the reaction products back to reactant.

A boy who said wolves are just animals in a tribe which worship wolves can become a target of inqusition. A man born in a mafia family has slight chance of becoming a long-lived honest policeman. A boy born into a strong religious family may be forever cut-off from religious options.

Absence of options usually forces people to adapt to contention. A whore may be content that she has to split thigs and be banged hours by hours. A blue collar worker may be content to his rudimentary works and low payments if he can eat everyday. A man of office may be content that he has to face to face with PC monitor almost all day long. A public bus passanger may be content that he has to be moved to other bus because the first bus wish to turn back and catch “golden time” on reverse route.

I am somewhat man of non contention.
My offense is true cause I have no content live to defend.
My religious options are there for me cause I have said that God wishes me to see them all and use my braincells to pick religions. Something as grand as religion is not something that can be shoved to you.

I myself now can be said to be entrapped in a vicious circle of seven to four or longer. I may be able to adapt to the vicious artic-wind-blowing air conditioner, but I chose not to accept that something is slowly eating away my health, so I turn the switches of the air conditioner to off everytime I feel it is too cold. I may be able to accept that I maybe forever cut off from musics everytime I am in the office, but I chose to glue some “puny speakers” in form of modified headphones on each side of my PC monitor and enjoy diminutive -volume music. I may enjoy live as is and get paid, but instead I’m brewing dreams and plans and goals; things that are deviated from the path of my daylife.


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