AdSense : Not Sensing Enough?

For those who haven’t been aware of : I display Google AdSense on the sidebar. In the past, it had been displaying some Advertisements for either blogsites, social-relation sites, or public service ads. Now it displays RSS readers providers. Before that was Gundam Models Sellers Ads.
I don’t want it to display blogsites ads, and I got really annoyed by the fact that it displays them. But the latest GoogleAds displayed are either about RSS related things or Gundam Models.
Let me tell you what Google AdSense is about first. If you are reading this blog, there’ll be a little chance that you haven’t seen the infamous “Google Searchbox”. Google is de facto numero uno civil search engine site on the face of the planet. During the years, Google has become more than a search engine site. It’s become a data-searching-based business enterprise.
Among their products are Google AdWord and Google AdSense.
Google offers AdWord for those who wish to using advertisements that display simple sentences and desired links. The costumer pays some amount of money dan google then classify them based on some keywords. These keywords are the one used by Google’s AdSense engine to display advertisements on an AdSense box put on a website. When someone clicks a displayed advertisement, the displaying website’s owner got paid. The AdWord costumer whose advertisements clicked must pay Google some amounts of money. The difference between what advertiser paid and what google pay for the AdSense displayer are Google’s profits.
Now, why do the AdSense that I put on my web displayed many blogsites advertisements? AdSense crew said that’s because my blog contains a lot of word “BLOG”. Even my repeated mentioning about a product on a posted blog didn’t mean anything.
Now, I believe it was because many blog sites pay a lot sum of money, bigger than other sites that wishes GoogleAd to displays ads related to other things mentioned on my blog. Now, when people have been clicking on the blogger ads, and the sum of money Google collected from the blogger sites had dried up, the ads are replaced with other things related to my blog : Jakarta, Gundam, RSS…
Now, people haven’t dried up ads on RSS related things, but they apparently have dried up Jakarta and Gundam related ads.
I wonder what comes next. My blog has a lot postings on war and politics, you know šŸ˜€


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