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Aaaah..the live of a petroleum engineer…
Got assigned to the Kurau Field last week, Friday to be exact. It was a bitter tasted mix of event. It was past work hours on the afternoon, I was half asleep already and not on the mood to talk about works anymore when my senior told me that I was to be sent to the field on Monday (March 21st, 2005). Got shocked, half-asleep way, I then got panicked cause it’s late on friday, when people are already out and paperworks will be very difficult to be done, and my senior, who has been accompanying me, seemed to be still absorbed on his works and got confused.
So, with the help of a few friends, I did the paperworks, faxed it (thanks Pak Jaka for still around), and told senior that I’d be coming in saturday in case there are things need to be done before monday.
So Saturday I went in to the office, hoping to clear things up. Turned out that there’s nothing special.
Sunday, I am staying at the home, relaxing for the big things to come. I started packing on the evening. Packing enough things to carry on my daily bag.
Monday, on the small hours, I am awake. Rushing to the kitchen with my bag filled with the stuff I need to bring to the field, I found my mother cooking some fast breakfast. I then woke up my cousin to take me to the office immediately.
He drove smoothly to my office’s building lobby, made it earlier than the the supposed deadline. I met other, unfamiliar employees of my company. The Field Crews, I thought.
After waiting for my partner to show up, I joint the others in a van that took us to the airport, taking a Garuda to Pekanbaru.
My inexperience with airport really showed up that day. I got panick whenever my partner is out of my sight (and somehow he had the tendency to do so, forgetting that I HAVE NEVER TOOK A PLANE !)
So, all the hassle and confusion aside, I finally boarded the plane, trying to find my seat without looking more confused than I had been.
Found my seat ! And the view looks great…if you enjoy seeing wings and jet engines…bummer !!
About 2 hours aboard the plane, I finally arrive at the Sutan Syarif Kasim II Airport in Pekanbaru.
Again, my confusion because of my inexperience showed, and my partner once again had the unique talent to remove himself from my sight.
I decided to go independent and started to scan around.
My partner showed up right after I was going to ask some security type dude about things. Geez.
So, after an hour of blabbering together with some elderly folks who has tasted the field salt longer (obviously) than me, the Terrano Armada is coming.
What, you’re wondering what’s a terrano armada ? Well, they are a bunch of Nissan Terrano specially rented for our transportation from the airport to Butun.
Butun is where my contact with civilized, women filled world ends and the contact with less civilized, men filled land begins. It’s a rather small seaports, from which I use a jetboat to reach Kurau, the central accomodation of my company field operations.
Aah, taking airplane and jetboat, things that I’had never done before. The feelings are rather good and enlightening, having to feel new experiences, and seeing new things. Not to mention finally out of my java-centric lives and land on other Islands of Indonesia 😀
Upon reaching Kurau Jetty, the central seaport of Kondur Petroleum, S.A field operation, a sense of pride took place.

Here I am, a man with a job as an engineer. Never have dreamt that it will be coming to a realization, considering my 9 months of unemployment and my neverending obsession to become a comic artists. But still there I was, watching a gate of what is a petroleum company centre of operations. Soon, I’d see for myself what the fuss have been people induced to me about.


Man, boss is on leave for 1 week….without leaving me anything to do….
So here I am, bored to death.

I had finished from a Side Wall Core Test Results Interpretations Report and feel like there’s my brain need more rooms for the avalanche of materials that I had just read.

Browsing through the net, I have filled some cellphone forums with my own entries on interested topics surrounding the upcoming release of the upcoming brand new Series 75 cellphones from siemens. Among them, the next generation M Class, M75 is very2 desirable for me, having seen the planned mobile speaker accesories for it to be used like Apple iPod and the Altec Lansing iM3 combined together. The SXG75 is also an interisting entry with UMTS technology attached to it, apparent from the frontface camera lens that can be seen from the leaked images on the net.

I also filled my time with writing this rather long blog…Boy I haven’t wrote another long blog since my ADSL Internet Service Provider changed to always off connection. I have been writing short blog expressing things filling up my head and tearing my heart (exaggerating, really)

Now this situation reminds me of my friend Isman, the writer of the book “Bertanya atau Mati” (Ask or Die). He wrote that a working man is not too far from being pro-wrestlers : working hard and breaking bones apart when they are amateur athletes to gain recognition but once they are professional wrestlers and get paid, they are PRETEND to work hard and breaking bones…

Is that what am I doing right now? Feels like it..

Aaah..still waiting for that inspiration on what to do independently….

You have probably read about my discontent with my current ISP. It has been such a big time sucker, up to now.
Last thursday, I am able to enjoy my internet connection using the current ISP without problems.
And Friday, it sucked again. Up to now.
I am fed up with it. I’ll cut it off next week.

It is very annoying to live in a country whichs corruption level is Numero Uno in the world.
You are a loyal and paying customers to a service provider, but when the service provider turn into a sucker and you give them complains, they just tell you that they “accept the complains”, “record telephone numbers”, and shall “give it to the related experts”.
But in reality, those “related experts” have never called me, or paid home-visits.
And I just found out that a top man of the company give his in-laws the top-of-the line package free of charge to his in-laws !!
It simply sucks, big time !!

It is time for me to unleash every bad ass aspects of me. I had it enough of this world. I had it enough with people look down on me even when I have helped them and advised them.
I just had enough !!
Goodbye to Eko Prasetyo and Welcome Zengarde Strivearth and Sincross Churchbane.
Who wrote this? SIN.C.R.O.S.S !!! Zengarde will have his own time, he he he