Man, boss is on leave for 1 week….without leaving me anything to do….
So here I am, bored to death.

I had finished from a Side Wall Core Test Results Interpretations Report and feel like there’s my brain need more rooms for the avalanche of materials that I had just read.

Browsing through the net, I have filled some cellphone forums with my own entries on interested topics surrounding the upcoming release of the upcoming brand new Series 75 cellphones from siemens. Among them, the next generation M Class, M75 is very2 desirable for me, having seen the planned mobile speaker accesories for it to be used like Apple iPod and the Altec Lansing iM3 combined together. The SXG75 is also an interisting entry with UMTS technology attached to it, apparent from the frontface camera lens that can be seen from the leaked images on the net.

I also filled my time with writing this rather long blog…Boy I haven’t wrote another long blog since my ADSL Internet Service Provider changed to always off connection. I have been writing short blog expressing things filling up my head and tearing my heart (exaggerating, really)

Now this situation reminds me of my friend Isman, the writer of the book “Bertanya atau Mati” (Ask or Die). He wrote that a working man is not too far from being pro-wrestlers : working hard and breaking bones apart when they are amateur athletes to gain recognition but once they are professional wrestlers and get paid, they are PRETEND to work hard and breaking bones…

Is that what am I doing right now? Feels like it..

Aaah..still waiting for that inspiration on what to do independently….


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