Body Counts

Now that my Internet connection is up and running, I think a part of my life has returned, and some burdens have been lifted off, thus some kind of returning of familiar feelings and liberation of minds have occured.

And I can back to my old things of having headlines streamed to me by the way of RSS newsfeeds.

Oh, the feelings of reading that there have been body counts somewhere in Iraq daily. The feeling that I’ve lost for 2 months now…thanks to that less than dirt customer service of my ISP.

How come there are still body counts in Iraq after all that liberation made by U.S.A and the installation of a new government ?

Obviously, dissatisfaction plays a large role here.

Dissatisfaction because their liberty are taken and smothered by the boots of American rangers and the thread of their tanks ?

Dissatisfaction because they have lost the powers they have had for long ?

Dissatisfaction because they have finally learnt that the reasons to invade their lands have been proven to be a substance-empty reason ?

We, the observers, can’t know exactly, but we can feel dissatisfactions are the initiatiors and drivers of their wraths.


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