The Installation of Men of Fates

Vatican has chosen a new pope, Pope Benedict XVI. He is the leader of a world of Catholics, whose population has reached 1 billion and more.

U.S.A has chose their president, George W.Bush, who many sees as a leader installed by voters that come from the conservatives and populations of church faithfuls.

They can both claim that God has chosen them to be installed into their respective seats.

To me, it is a sign that factions of the world are preparing for a hardened assaults.

The new pope, Pope Benedict XVI, or the world has previously known him as Joseph Ratzinger, is a very ultra-orthodox church guy. From what I’ve read, this new pope is both open minded and strict man of the cloth. He already assaulted a legislation that approve homosexuality (good for him), and one way or another, told churches to “return to true path taught by god”

George W. Bush, in the other hand, is the representative of a very HUGE industry of petroleum hoarding and the industries that have grown symbiotically with the petrodollars. But the part of industry that supports him and he supported back with a blind eye (and directed thinking) is one that harms the world most : military occupation of the second largest pool of oil reserves in the world.

George W. Bush victory attained during the 2004 election, many has said, was able to be achieved by the help of voting church faithfuls. Many has chosen him because he was displayed as a man of church, of good family value (to think that his twin daughters has caught drinking alcohol while still underage), and opposition of the values that the “other side” has chosen to promote for many years.

He lied about the weapon of mass destruction. He lied about his true reason to occupy Iraq. He let sons of Sam’s Army got nailed each day. He admitted then that the USA and its goon can’t found any WMD in Iraq. His men brings more chaos to Iraq compared to when Iraq was under Saddam Husein. The same can be said about Blair and that bald australian guy. They all are liars.

But both Pope Benedict XVI and George W.Bush has risen to power by the help of Churches.

Will Joseph attack Dubya because of his lies ?

Will Dubya told Joseph to shut up and just do the candles ?

Ever wondering why Berlusconni’s Italia was such a supporter of the invasion when there are peace broadcasting holy ground right inside their home ?

Ever thinking that the Anglicans and the Vaticans are at silent dogmatic war lately ?

And with the tension built among the Mongoloid races, the world has never looked so ready for a World War, even if it is an underground one.

Ah, the world that was so peaceful when I was a boy was peaceful because I know nothing.


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