I watched movie together with girls, I am the only boy.
I took a camping combined with mountain hiking.
I gave a girl flower.
I joined a chat room.

I had never done them before I have my own job and my own income.

Why have I done them then?
Simply because I want to catch up with life.
To do things I have never have the courage to do when I was still under my parents wings.
To liberate myself.

And what have been happened lately ?

I asked people to come to a rafting activity.
No avail.
I asked people to come to watch movie together again.
No avail.
I emailed, called, and sms-ed the girl.
No avail.
I acted the way I have been in the chat room.
No avail.

I am now a clueless being.

Clueless and bored.

Boss have been giving me no substantial tasks as other people are busy with their own tasks.

I’m left alone.

Clueless, bored, and lonely.

That’s a lethal mix for a man’s life.

It’s been slowly poisoning my will to move forward and change completely from what I was before donning the title “Engineer”
My new fur is slowly undergoing embaldment.

My old fur is returning.

A completely lonely loser geek.


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