Blood Spill

Dear Diary,

I have done two more things that I have never done before today : writing “Dear Diary” in my blog, and donating blood.

Well, nothing special about writing “Dear Diary”, but donating blood is a new, thrilling experience. But in the end, I came out alive and well. (of course you are, idiot. Otherwise they’re not going survive long, this whole blood donating things)

So, I donated my blood. Looking for more new things to do.

Btw, these are what the scenery looked like, donation time

and of course, free meals to replace that spilled blood…

…and this card. I am a blood donor. Yay, how many lives will I save?

Well, if I do it 3 months each year, I’ll be having my 100th time donation when I am…oh well, count it for yourself, he he he 😀


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