Worthless Affection ?

Man, I woke up empty today.

That girl told me that she already has someone. The other girl is getting married. One more turn cold on me.

How’s that for romanticism?

To think that I’ve been such a helping hand for my friends (advising them on girls, motivating them to do things, giving them poems (to be sent to the their ladies, of course)) makes me feel like I’m such a pathetic hypocrite (do I spell it right?)

Siemens mobile is getting bulldozed. The cellphone company that I have loved and defended and extremely praised for so long has been forced to be sold or closed due to “losing quarters”. Now I look like a fool for my Nokia or SonyEricsson friends, praising a dying company.

I have never draw a page of comic for..what, 2 months? Been busy at the office or attacking Telkom lately. Not to mention playing Zuma. And I have been thinking that I has been slipping away from me, my creativity for creating comics. I even losing taste for the idea of concocting stories.

I denied my father’s order to move from the company I work now to the Institution that watches the likes of the company I work for. I denied cause I want to go my own way and no longer be under my father shadow.

My boss have been ignoring me, the company has been in trouble and parasitized.

Am I cursed by God for making my Dad furious ?

All that I have been loved for, defended for, praised for, are fading away, slipping fast.

Have I been such a loser lately?

Is this the point where I start anew completely ?

Will this ever be an easy life forward ?

God help me…


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