Ginger Punch

Well, for Javanese, ginger punch is among the favourite drink.

And for my own experience so far (have been drinking it daily) ginger punch can reduce the production of gas from my stomach. Now that I have stopped my habit of drinking coffee daily (but not stopping it altogether), I suspect that coffee is the source of my ailing belly.

What? You don’t know what Ginger punch is? Auch, silly me, of course you don’t (unless you use to drink “Serbat Wangi” or “Bandrek” or “Wedang Jahe”, which makes you someone who lives in Indonesia). For you, my unlucky friend, “Ginger Punch”, in essence, is my naming for a mix of juice of ginger with few other spices.

Now, I haven’t tasted a “Ginger Ale”, so I can’t tell if the two are the same.


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