Forever Hot

God, I hate it when you decided to swith the humid, water flooding season that is rainy season with another humid, blazing sun attack season that is drought season (note that I don’t use “summer” here)

Not that the changes of seasons change the fact that my room is a heat trap. Yes, people, it’s heat trap. Once enters, a heat can be forever trapped inside, creating a physically, biologically, psychologically, chemically, and thermodynamically challenging environment.

Don’t mind the latins, they just my way of exaggerating facts

I can’t exactly pinpoint why my room has such a physical properties. I have give a theory to my dad that a lack of ventilation on the higher position of the exterior facing wall of my room is the main contributor of the situation. You see, my room have no ceiling. When I see the top of my room, it’s that prismatic angle of a common prismatic roof, or to make it easier, it looks like this :

and those double windows just don’t receive much wind in a sun blazed day, like today. And if open my door, some more hot winds come inside, originated from a barren hill some 50 meters (roughly 150 ft) away from my home.

My sister’s room have the same heat trapping properties, and she have been whining to my dad about her need for an air conditioner (basically, air cooler here in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta). Myself, for the other hands, have been proposing to install a exhaust fan to drive the heat flow out of my room, so that it can be replaced by much cooler air trapped downstairs (yes, people, the temperature differences between the top floor and the groundfloor is crazy, about 2-3 degrees celcius ). He have been refusing, but seems to have loosened up lately. I think that’s cool and I think with a few more bragging, I will finally be able to install an Exhaust on top of the wall, facing outside, sucking hot air out of my room.

Let’s just hope it will be done in the future.

Hey, a cool breeze just went in, that means a rain is about to come…usually.


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