Hey, Dude, Keep on Flying !

Phuket Air is forbidden to land in Netherland because of the pilot’s inability to give a medical approval papers. The Dutch authority has also suspected that many cheap, international airlines have been omitting some flight safety standards in order to cut costs.

Scary thing, don’t you think? There you are, on an airplane bound to land, and the airport authority is telling the pilot you can’t land there because the previously landed plane from the same airways failed safety check. Well, it won’t be like that, but to think that a plane carrying a lot of people didn’t get a safety check before it took off is a real life nightmare.

And here in Indonesia, there are this booming of cheap airlines last 2 years. It seems every top business entity is trying to build its own airline. Well, my flight experience can be counted by one hand’s fingers and I have never taken a cheap airline so I can’t tell what is like to fly with a cheap airline, but the idea of cheap = insecure have been plaguing my mind when it comes to airways.

To add thing to the scare, one of that cheap airline had a terrible landing failure last year, resulting in the body of one of its aircraft parted in the middle and lots of death.

Is cheap = insecure ?


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