Monthly Archives: May 2005

Just realized that some girls are born with innate charms that seems to attract the attention of men. I have met some of them, and I have fallen into all of them. In fact, I still am fallen for all of them. They are simply unforgettable.

Not all of them are beautiful by standards of magazines and all of that fashion guides, but they know how to make themselves appear unique and attractive, and thus they are able to radiate unique charms that no other ladies could match and seems irresistible for some men.

They know that they attract men, how to talk to them, how to “mind-sync” with them, and they enjoy the affection that men give them. Of course, they’ll pick men for themselves to be kept as lovers, but they are not refusing showers of affection from others.

And still, they are confusing creatures, like the rest of them out there.


Having a strict diet is not good for your mental health, especially if you have been a prominent eater for the first 25 years of your life. It causes deep hunger, mental illness, and if you are basically a very imagining person, you’ll imagine many sorts of thing and strange urges to do strange things.

Another revelation given to me by my ownself.

I have never been an avid user of phones before, and I found myself an awkward person using them, especially mobile phones.

Added with that I have a somewhat short experience with ladies, I get all goofy and confused whenever I am the one who made the call.

But I have never have the same feelings whenever it is me who receives the call.


Being a cheapskate?

Or am I just a passive person?

Guess I need to do more, this call to ladies.

I’m confused.

What shall I do with my life next?

All the things I have wanted to try I have tried.

But that’s not what I should think, right?

My life is still too short to be called boring….

In here, the warmonger said that money is being wasted in bases maintenance across USA and it should be used instead for beating terrorism outside US.

Now that’s being patriotic.

In a speech to graduates of the Naval Academy, he said the closings and realignments “will result in a military that is more efficient and better prepared so you can better protect the American people against the dangers of this new century.”

And less funding for their own homeland security. Why majority of americans (and most of them should be peace loving lambs of the churches) choose some money wasting, war loving, oil hogging, apparent liar to become their president have been somehow incomprehensible.

His lies were bases for his life wasting oil lust in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now he tries to assure people of America that money should be diverted more into funding those senseless wars. Money that should be coming into social fundings, military fundings, and homeland fundings coming into the coffers of those Halliburton bloodsuckers and military contractors man-eaters.

Halliburtons sucks! My company’s engineers know the feeling of being fooled by them.

I read blogs, and I know americans already feeling confused about their president. Me, an outsider, knows exactly that they have chosen the worst among the bad.

Today I confirmed that the best method for having a “Masuk Angin” is large portion of hot chicken soup.

Indonesian call it “Masuk Angin”. Or “Catch A Wind”. It was a kind of cold, when you have all chill down all your body, and your muscles ache like crazy, your stomach feels acidic, and there’s a blood pulse pounding in your head. I didn’t sneeze, so I don’t think it was influenze.

“Masuk Angin” is my worst enemy in health matter. I turn into some kind of useless, non-immune human being whenever the symptomps occur. It had lead me before into contracting typhoid fever and dengue fever.

So a quick remedy for the symtomps must be found, and I declare hot chicken soup is the remedy !!