Boredom loves me…sigh :(

You know, one thing that I hate most is boredom. Nowadays, the thing seems to cling to my life like fleas cling to a dog’s fur. Unwanted, Unbearable, but Untouchable and Undefectable. Not even Blogexploding helps things out to kick the boredom.
I think this is time for me to take a leave and contemplate that means sleeping all day about my present status as a man.

but then again, there’s one cure long forgotten for the evercoming nemesis : take a long walk from and to the office building.

Yes, it still works after it have never been used for so many long ages. I can’t remember when is the last time I used the “Boredom Walks Off” method to detach my nemesis, the boredom, from me.

Unlike many other things that have never been used for long time, the walk is still there, intact, waiting for me to use it, and so I use it.

And it feels like anti-matter do to matter for the nemesis : It obliterate it.

BUt I know, like some main character’s main enemy, it will come back again. Hopefully the antidote will not be forgotten next time


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