He is A Corruptor. How He Looks Like?

Again, another move was made by Indonesian President.

You see, here in Indonesia, government have been making list in which people who has been suspected to have done corruption. The list is given to all authorities responsible to watch over any outgoing and ingoing port everywhere in Indonesia. But so far, the list have never been succesful on reducing the number of corruptors who escape to other countries, especially Singapore.

Sorry, Singaporean, but the fact that there is a rule which states that any person that invests in certain amount in Singapore can be awarded Citizenship of your country. Added that with your government’s reluctant to do extradition of the suspected corruption, many Indonesian sees your country as a country where robbers all around the world gather.

Back to the list.

The president went to an International Airport without any formal announcement, and went to the immigration post. There, he found the computer that stored the list was an old and unreliable computer. He experienced multiple hangs and freezes while using it. Went to the immigration office, he found the computer that stored the list was more reliable. He checked a name, the data of the name appears.

But no photo of the person who got blacklisted, and no fingerprints data. Mr. President got disappointed.

“This can’t be a right thing, can it? How come someone who supposes to be not able to leave the country can do it? (I hope) that there won’t be any occurence of fugitive be able to escape bringing hefty amount of people’s fortunes” Said this once four stars army generals, “The improvement in the fugitive blacklisting computerization system is one of the key to prevent the escape of corruptors and the incoming of criminals. In facing this transnational crimes, it is vital that immigration authorities make a quick movement regarding it.”

So we all now know why there are so many corruptors and drugs agents coming and going into Indonesia. No one can tells by the face if the person is blacklisted.

If you understand Indonesian, check this link


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