No Aids For You, Poor Things, You Smoke !!

The President of Indonesia visited a local village leader and gained from him a new, fresh, and seems to be effective way to combat smoking and gambling. He was there to inspect how the local authority personnel distribute food and health financial aids to the poors among their citizens. He asked the leader of the village (or “Lurah”) whether he had distributed them. The lurah said he had distributed them to the persons he thought eligible to receive aids. The president asked him again : who are they?
Mr.Lurah said that almost all of the citizens received them (his village was a poor one), except those who caught smoking and gambling everyday.
Mr.President, awed by this very statement, asked Pak Lurah why he set that kind of standard?
Mr.Lurah then gave his reason : If they can smoke and gamble, that means they in have fortunes that they can turn into food and medicine, especially if they do both regularly.

Mr. President was so inspired by this statement, he made a decision to think about making this condition applicable nation wide. The Coordinating Minister of Citizen Wellfare was ordered to find ways to change the regulations so that this idea could be implemented.

I think it’s a good idea to : If you smoke and gamble, that means you are fortunate enough to be not considered a poor person, therefore you are not considered a candidate for aids receivers.

And I believe, if it can be implemented nation wide and be ran without hesitations, the numbers of smokers and gamblers among those who belongs to low-income class can be reduced significantly.

About time something new emerges to eradicate those two plagues of civilizations

For you fortunate enough to understand Indonesia, see this link to read it yourself

1 comment
  1. Lisa said:

    LOL!That’s quite an idea. but it’s true though. if you can afford smoking & gambling, that means you have money 😉

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