The Old Feeling

I’m back on drawing comic arts again. It doens’t feel like it used to. The old feelings of joy of drawing seems to have been reduced a bit today. I used to be automatically absorbed to my drawing once I put a paper to my desk, hold my pencil, and put the eraser ready. Now it feels different. Now I’m not completely absorbed. Other things that go in my brain seem to be able to disturb my drawing.

I can only think of some possibility of causes that can make the difference I am feeling today. One is the fact that I have been neglecting this arts-drawing activiy for almost 2 months. This long absence seems to have caused me to begun losing my comic drawing talent. And to make matter worse, I feel like I don’t matter if the talent is escaping me. This feeling makes me worried : If this talent can be erased slowly due to being neglected, will my other skills fade away too if I haven’t used them for long?

The other is the fact that I have been having a lot of emotional turnmoils lately. Besides feeling and instinct, arts need emotion. And it can be sure that if emotion is damaged badly, arts seem to lose its meaning.

And finally, inspiration. My inspiration seeking part of my brain seems to be in comma. I guess the emotional turnmoil has weighed much of my nerves that some of them seemed to have been forced to undergo dormant state. And again, it feels like I don’t mind losing it.

Well, I have not been able to understand myself lately. Deep introspection seems to only way to cure it.

Anyway, if you wish to seem my comicblog, click this


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