It Brings Traffic

Blogexplosion surely brings a lot of traffic. But at what cost? The time spending to browse others blogs. But that’s what the spirits are, right? Making a community of blog-readers and writers. Combine Blogexplosion with something like sitemeter, you’ll recognize whether your blogs have visitors that really read your blog or are just come by, waiting for the 30 seconds to gone bye before they hit the correct number.

The positive site : you’ll be encouraged and be challenged to make your blog as impressive, as charming, as inviting, as readable, and as memorable as possible.

The negative site : yours are read cause you have been being forced to spent so much time reading on others.

Anyway, like I’ve always said : The Potency Is There, so Seize The Day and Let What Will Be, Will Be

  1. I don’t mind that the increase in my site traffic is because of blogexplosion and that I have to look at other people’s blogs in order to generate said traffic. I love looking at other blogs! I was originally just using Blogger’s Next Blog button, but I wanted to see a variety of blogs rather than just Blogger blogs, so I came to blogexplosion. I’ve found a lot of great sites to post about and to blogroll via blogexplosion. 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering myself if the time spent surfing is actually worth it. Sure, my daily number counts go up, but it is time consuming! Maybe in the beginning stages of a blog, these measures are worth it.

  3. Nolan said:

    Yea, I hate Haveing to wait all that time LOADING. I have “Dial Up” so that gets vary annoying.

  4. Lisa said:

    I can agree with that. I actually have multiple windows open so I don’t have to stare at wysiwyg blogs and sites for 30 secs lol Too much circle layout for me is causign me to see circles everywhere else. I’m not even sure if I’ve been in the same blog to the next. But in the bright site BlogExplosion brings me to blogs that actually living in domains and actual sites that was made from scratch. I kinda enjoy that view once a while.

  5. Vickie said:

    I’m glad I discovered BlogExplosion; so many new blogs to read and possible friends to make. :DBut sometimes I’m not even sure if people do read my blog, or just leave (spam) comments to promote their own (those “cool blog, visit mine, bye” sort of comments).At times it’d seem like such a waste of time that I actually read through the blogs through BE — well, most of them, anyway. 😉

  6. I find a few new blogs to read by surfing blogexplosion – which is the number one thing it is good for IMO. An increase in visits to my site doesn’t interest me unless folks take the time to leave a comment or two. I have blogmarked your site to come back. Cheers!

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