Certainly Uncertain Split Second

Life is certainly an uncertain thing.

Went into an elevator this morning, and as I watch the door closed, a beautiful lady is coming, so I reopened the doors. And as I look further outside, there’s this girl. The Girl. So I held the doors much further, and she went in. I won’t see her and wouldn’t share the same elevator and have a chat early in the morning if I just let the doors closed earlier. It was a split second decision, and worthed every millisecond of it. We were talking about flower and curse. Go figure 😀

And next, I have a friend, and I thought he was a decent guy, until I saw him do this to another guy

Just look at those smiles…..YIKES !!! Life’s uncertain, gotta to see them all !!

1 comment
  1. Helen said:

    Certainly uncertain and predictably un predictable, huh?Peace……………

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