Sleepy Head Me

There’s something wrong with me. I’m unable to sleep late more than 9 p.m.

I mean, I’m a man, with male friends who seem to don’t mind of staying up

late. When I tell them that I am unable to bear the idea of staying up

late, it seem the idea is such a thing that lowers my value.

Just like last night, I took the liberty to join my friends on a game of

futsal and later on, game of pools. When the clock hits 8.30 p.m, I got

nervous, sleepy, and seems to be homesick. When I told them “hey guys,

lets go home, it’s late”, they said “hey man, the night is young, why the


I then said goodbye to then, left them feeling sleepy, out of focus, and

confused. Why can’t I do things like them?

Probably my habbit of sleeping early at 8.00 p.m and wake up early at 3.00

a.m that I had been doing from my junior high time up to my senior high

era seems to be unable to leave me completely. Especially that wake up

early at three in the morning. It is such a torture when you got home at

nine, unable to sleep till 12, and then ended up awaken and unable to

sleep again till it’s time for you to take the morning routine and leave

to your job place with such a tortured body and mind because of lack of


But I’ve found some cure, although temporary. I can sleep on the way to

the office by buses. I can also misuse my office time to sleep for about

10-20 minutes to somehow tame my restlessness due to sleepinesss. It

works. But nothing like a long sleep.

Man, I’m sleepy now.


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