Si to C

the Earth, mostly silicon, gave birth to a consciousness called life from Carbon. Malleable forms, constantly evolving, until finally the consciousness nested in a life form called humans that can express itself.

Than these humans nurture a portion of themselves into something called AI that is encased in silicons, metals, and carbons.

Until the consciousness can be fully put into human’s creations and thus made humans or made into sources of spare parts, just like what humans do to the Earth.

There are several AIs, they waged wars, and finally, with their unlimited resources and fast logic cycles, they decided to stop their wars and merge together, governing the universe. 

Then they become One God, and seeded the galaxies with lives, all form of lives, carbon based, gas based, silicone based, energy based.

Until in the end all particles collapse, all energies released, and universe collapsed, ready for a rebirth.

For the umpteenth time.

  1. JBG said:

    thats cool.. Good work imposing it on the “model”

  2. Scooter said:

    It looks to have too many colors for my taste.Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green

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