Me The Investor

I have used a portion of my fortune to be used by others to make me richer. Therefore I am an investor, right? RIIIIGHT !!!!
Can I expect myself to be richer soon? YES I CAN !!

Well, it is true, I have become an investor today. Just signed my first contract to spend a quarter of my monthly salary each month to an investment manageress (quite a lovely young lady, this one is).

Finally, I joined many other middle-class youths that come from my generation : investing some part of their money into that industry that defines much of the economy of the world today : Portfolio Investments.

Well, basically, I call every non-material based investments as Portfolio Investments. That includes stocks, fund indexes, obligations, mutual funds, and so on. She called it “Equity Investments”. Fair enough, she lives from it, so I can’t argue much.

I have tried other kind of money-making schemes before : multi-level marketing schemes, internet affiliates (Amazon &, & Google AdWords. And I have never been sure that these kind of schemes can generate money, especially that multi-level marketing ones : they rely too much on time-consuming interpersonal skills, which I know I have some, but not enough to be relied on.

So I have been thinking about jumping into the “intangible investments” bandwagon long before I received my first paycheck. I know they have their own share of risks, but after reading this book, I was convinced that the best investment for me will be this “equity investment” aka “portfolio investment”.

The stock markets indexes have been rising steadily is the fact that no one, once given enough knowledge concerning it, can argue about. I have been searching on how to get my hand on one index fund investing.

When I have finished learning about this offer for investing, I almost instinctively agree to join it. She said that some parts of the money will be invested in index funds, so I made it that my money will be invested fully in an “Equity Investment” scheme, which means it will be allocated fully to be managed in stocks and indexes. That’s exactly what I have been wishing for.

And she said there will be some flexibility concerning on the way how I wish my money to be invested on, so there’s one more limitation diminished.

And so people, I’m an investor now.

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  1. the camera you use is excellent, but i must say that as far as technique goes, the only pic that really raises my interest is the one with the monkeys on the roof and the person looking up at them.keep up the good job though!milcah

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