At the office, today, I felt numbness gripped my head. I don’t know if it was resulted from my 2 days of overtime doing nothing but some monotonous job of sorting through copies of engineering documents and made 6 bundles of similar packages from them. I felt the numbness when I have finished them early this morning.

I just hate monotony.

I am a man who gets bored easily. Add that with my tendency to go sleepy when things get monotonous, you can figure it out that it is such a torture for me, these last 3 days.

I have never felt such a numbness before. Sure, I have felt some ultimate boredom, but never such a numbness. It felt like my brain didn’t able to channel its electron flows, as if my neural connections have been boycotted by my neural system, unable to take anymore stresses that comes from the boredom and the monotony.

The things that cure it? Food so far for me.


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