Greenpeace Infiltrator

Saw A picture of some greenpeace activists painted a huge crack on top dome of a building of a nuclear plant in europe. They have succesfully done it cause they managed to infiltrate the facility before.

*Infiltrated A Nuclear Plant.*

Point number one is they are able to infiltrate a nuclear plant. Well, the plant management shall be having a terrible week due to this infiltration. They must be saying : Thanks God it’s just a bunch of greenpeacers, not some neo-nazis or oil lovers, or muslems extremists or such. But that’s not the point. The point is that they have infilitrated, and the possibility of a bunch of ill-willed vandalists infiltrating a nuclear plant is now there. Scary huh? Greenpeace made it possible to something that they have fought against for years : the possibility of a collapse of a nuclear reactor.

Point number two : Is greenpeace a bunch of Bush’s Oil Greed underling? I think there is nothing wrong with Nuclear Plants , considering their relatively green operational condition and rapidly increasing safety and such other improvements that have been made to the technology. I know risks are still there, but people who build a nuclear plant must already have a huge SECURITY PLANS inscribed in their mind, right ? Nobody builds a nuclear plant without knowing the risks.

Nuclear Plants and Fuel Cells are the energy of the future, and they’ll likely be less war causing then oil today.

  1. cap22 said:

    I believe if nuclear energy was used properly, we as humanity would be so far ahead with science and technology.

  2. Yeah, your are right. Sometimes GP do things just for the publicity I think….

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